Under Construction

Have you ever been passed over for a very important job? Then you are in good company. King David had constructed buildings for himself in the City of David and pitched a tent for the ark of God. After settling into his palace he said to Nathan the prophet, “Here I am living in a palace of cedar while the ark of the covenant of the Lord is under a tent.” David desperately wanted to build a house for God to dwell in, but because he had been involved in so many wars and had shed so much blood in battle during his rule, God wouldn’t allow David to build the temple. He had been passed over for the job and instead gave the job to a younger less experienced man, Solomon his son. Talk about age discrimination! Not really but it could certainly have felt that way. Instead David made extensive preparations so that his son would have all the materials and expertise needed to build a magnificent temple for God. David gladly passed the torch to his son and Solomon continued what a previous generation had started.

But this lofty endeavor took more than David and Solomon; it took the participation and contributions of many people to complete the temple for God. Scripture continues to say that “Everyone rejoiced at how willingly the people gave to the building of the temple.” God no longer resides in a temple made by human hands, but now lives in the hearts of all believers. We are God’s temple and when one of the least of these is without food, water, clothing or shelter, God’s temple is damaged and needs repaired. We can all be considered ‘the people that gave’ as we give to needs around the world. Along with helping meet these physical needs the most important thing a person needs is Jesus. Along with food, water, clothing and shelter, we can bring Jesus to a hurting people when we become people that give.

This is the message I’ve been bringing to children throughout our district. Let me come and share this message so that children will be given an opportunity to be part of a people that gave willingly to the temple of God.

Take some time and read 1 Chronicles 17,22, 28 and 29 for the full story

We are Privileged

I was sifting through some old documents and came across this letter that my friend and fellow Pastor Oning Diayon wrote about a year ago. I thought it was worth resurfacing to remind us of all the great privileges we have as a child of God.

Dear Friends,
As we accept Jesus in our heart we receive the privileges that are promised by Our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes we don’t use  these privileges because we are intimidated by other people. But yesterday and today I better understood why find it difficult to stand up for the privileges given to us by God. It goes like this.

I live in Davao city, our transportation is primarily by jeepney. Jeepney is similar to a bus but smaller and seats up to 20 people. Wherever we go, we are going to use this kind of transportation. Many people call this a public utility jeepney.  Our government gives us discounts on our transportation if we are more than 60 years of age or are a student. Therefore the elderly and students don’t need to pay full price. They are only required to pay 80% of the full fare. I am a student and go to college so I can benefit from this discount.

On one of my many trips in a jeepney, I start paying the discount amount. The driver stared at me and gave me a bad look because I only paid the discount fare. I told him I was a student but still he gave me a bad look. I was not intimidated into paying the full fare because in my mind, “I had the right to do this.”  To further prove that I was entitled to the discount  I showed my Identification card to the driver and he finally believed me. I was not afraid of the driver because I knew my rights.  The driver did not believe me because I am a big man and maybe he was thinking that it was impossible for me to become a student. The only thing that convinced him was when I showed my identification card.

As a christian, we feel awkward if people know that we are followers of Jesus Christ. We don’t take advantage of our privileges because we don’t want to be seen as different. We are afraid that people might stare at us and call us wierd.

As we accept Jesus in our heart we are become the first-born and the first have privileges that can’t be imagined.
We have the privilege to teach other people about Christ.
We have the privilege to pray, reachout and many other things that God gives us.

You may not know your privileges or you’re just too shy to use them.
Don’t waste your chances! Use it or lose it
In His Kingdom, Oning