Under Construction

Have you ever been passed over for a very important job? Then you are in good company. King David had constructed buildings for himself in the City of David and pitched a tent for the ark of God. After settling into his palace he said to Nathan the prophet, “Here I am living in a palace of cedar while the ark of the covenant of the Lord is under a tent.” David desperately wanted to build a house for God to dwell in, but because he had been involved in so many wars and had shed so much blood in battle during his rule, God wouldn’t allow David to build the temple. He had been passed over for the job and instead gave the job to a younger less experienced man, Solomon his son. Talk about age discrimination! Not really but it could certainly have felt that way. Instead David made extensive preparations so that his son would have all the materials and expertise needed to build a magnificent temple for God. David gladly passed the torch to his son and Solomon continued what a previous generation had started.

But this lofty endeavor took more than David and Solomon; it took the participation and contributions of many people to complete the temple for God. Scripture continues to say that “Everyone rejoiced at how willingly the people gave to the building of the temple.” God no longer resides in a temple made by human hands, but now lives in the hearts of all believers. We are God’s temple and when one of the least of these is without food, water, clothing or shelter, God’s temple is damaged and needs repaired. We can all be considered ‘the people that gave’ as we give to needs around the world. Along with helping meet these physical needs the most important thing a person needs is Jesus. Along with food, water, clothing and shelter, we can bring Jesus to a hurting people when we become people that give.

This is the message I’ve been bringing to children throughout our district. Let me come and share this message so that children will be given an opportunity to be part of a people that gave willingly to the temple of God.

Take some time and read 1 Chronicles 17,22, 28 and 29 for the full story

A Heart for Missions

BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) goes to extremes to provide missionaries with much needed resources.
To what extent will you go to help provide the resources that missionaries need to spread the gospel to people around the world?

Faith Community church in Mount Airy MD decided to bring in a professional chef (that would be me and I’m far from a professional) to prepare and reward it‚Äôs congregation with Chef Tera Masu‚Äôs signature soup, Missions Soup. A recipe only shared with congregations that have a heart and passion for the lost, Chef Tera Masu‚Äôs recipe is more secret than Bush‚Äôs Baked Beans. Even Duke couldn‚Äôt persuade her to reveal the secret ingredients.

Although the recipe may be secret, it’s no secret that BGMC is meeting critical needs around the world. Chef Tera Masu was able to share the many projects that impact lives such as disaster relief in Kenya, Haiti and Jamaica, building orphanages in Venezuela and the United States, providing clean water and water buckets to Africa, assisting children in Bolivia who have imprisoned parents and providing Bibles to Iran, Iraq and Russia. These are only a few of the ways BGMC is “Shaking it up to Change the world.”

Chef Tera Masu broke it down into bite size portions as she shared how much can be done with just a little. The cost of a McDonald’s happy meal can provide 7 complete meals to a hungry child. For the price of a magazine, a child could purchase the needed supplies to attend school and for price of a new release DVD movie, 36 children could have a new pair of shoes. A small price to pay to relieve hunger, provide an education or protect the feet of a small child.

That morning the congregation raised over $4,500 toward their goal of $5,000. May God continue to work in this congregation as they continue to help missionaries through BGMC.