Ministry birthed out of tragedy!

On September 25, 2011 a group of five went back to their community struck by a flood almost three months ago. 33 people lost their lives as a result of that tragic event. Many others lost all of their belongings including Oning and Nene. Immediately following the flood Oning and Nene moved to another location to avoid any future disaster. They have tried to sell or rent what was left of their home but to no avail.

Although many lost their belongings, the souls of many had been given another chance. Oning and Nene saw this as an opportunity to expand the kindgom of God and a new ministry location was birthed.

September 25, 2011 at 2:00 pm a ministry started on the same property where Oning and Nene lost everything. In partnership with iRock ministres USA and by the power of Jesus the ministry was launched.

The kids were very excited to attend the service. Even though the scheduled time was 2:00 pm, they kept coming early and checking if it was 2:00 pm yet. That was so cute and quite funny since they had their own clocks to tell them what time it was but they were just so anxious to be part of what had been planned especially for them.

Kids starting coming and filling the small area. There were no chairs and the kids sat on the floor, under the shelves and anywhere they could find a place. Even when all available space had been occupied they kept coming until they were overflowing (Glory to Jesus) and had to stand outside.

It was hot and humid in that small space but the kids didn’t complain. Oning started a small electric fan but it did little to counteract the heat and the sweat.

Not even the heat and humidity could stop the kids from worshipping Jesus as they sang song of praise to Jesus.

They were taught a scripture verse, John 8:12. “Jesus said I am the Light of the world, whoever follow me will never walk in darkness but will have the “Light of life”. Through object lessons, memory work and stories, 61 children and one adult came to realize how their heart was darkened by sin and accepted Jesus as their Light of life. We give glory to God for working in hearts that day.

It seems that no service is complete until there is food so true to tradition each child was served popcorn, orange juice and a small bread roll. As they gave thanks it was so meaningful because that might have been the only food they received that day.

As followers of Jesus, let us continue to pray that the Light  planted in their heart will shine to other people and that they will become a torch bringer, the bringer of testimony that Jesus is the Light of their life.

NOTE: Pastor Oning and Nene are a young couple that iRock Ministries has helped throughout the years as they follow God’s direction for their life. They are an extension of iRock Ministries here in the United States and refer to their ministry as iRock Philippines. As the missionary behind iRock Ministries, I am committed to building a team and helping them see their dream of a ministry center in the Philippines fulfilled. If you would like to know more about this center, as the dream becomes a reality, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Through our updates you will be given opportunity to partner with us through your prayers and finances. Keep this project in prayer as we seek God for His Holy and divine direction.

We are Privileged

I was sifting through some old documents and came across this letter that my friend and fellow Pastor Oning Diayon wrote about a year ago. I thought it was worth resurfacing to remind us of all the great privileges we have as a child of God.

Dear Friends,
As we accept Jesus in our heart we receive the privileges that are promised by Our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes we don’t use  these privileges because we are intimidated by other people. But yesterday and today I better understood why find it difficult to stand up for the privileges given to us by God. It goes like this.

I live in Davao city, our transportation is primarily by jeepney. Jeepney is similar to a bus but smaller and seats up to 20 people. Wherever we go, we are going to use this kind of transportation. Many people call this a public utility jeepney.  Our government gives us discounts on our transportation if we are more than 60 years of age or are a student. Therefore the elderly and students don’t need to pay full price. They are only required to pay 80% of the full fare. I am a student and go to college so I can benefit from this discount.

On one of my many trips in a jeepney, I start paying the discount amount. The driver stared at me and gave me a bad look because I only paid the discount fare. I told him I was a student but still he gave me a bad look. I was not intimidated into paying the full fare because in my mind, “I had the right to do this.”  To further prove that I was entitled to the discount  I showed my Identification card to the driver and he finally believed me. I was not afraid of the driver because I knew my rights.  The driver did not believe me because I am a big man and maybe he was thinking that it was impossible for me to become a student. The only thing that convinced him was when I showed my identification card.

As a christian, we feel awkward if people know that we are followers of Jesus Christ. We don’t take advantage of our privileges because we don’t want to be seen as different. We are afraid that people might stare at us and call us wierd.

As we accept Jesus in our heart we are become the first-born and the first have privileges that can’t be imagined.
We have the privilege to teach other people about Christ.
We have the privilege to pray, reachout and many other things that God gives us.

You may not know your privileges or you’re just too shy to use them.
Don’t waste your chances! Use it or lose it
In His Kingdom, Oning

Latest Philippine seminar

iRock Philippine Establishes Children’s Ministry. First Service Brings in 75!

Read Pastor Oning’s report on the most recent seminar to launch new children’s ministry.

iRock Philippines is the iRock Ministries extension here in Davao Philippines, founded by Missionary Ptr. Terry Williams.

” iRock Ministries exists because millions of children have yet to know Jesus personally. Children need to be given the opportunity to meet Jesus and make Him a vital part of their lives. Without Jesus, their lives lack direction and hope.”¬† Welcome to iRock Ministries, where ‚Äòindividuals ‚ÄòReach ‚ÄòOut and ‚ÄòChange ‚ÄòKids lives for eternity.

To Meet this need

Just a few weeks ago I helped organize a free one-day seminar for potential leaders and pastors. At the most recent seminar, there were 32 students in attendance for the Friday sessions. Nene, the first speaker of the day, stressed that a leader never compromises their commitment to their Lord Jesus Christ.

She challenged them to self evaluate their commitment to the Lord before they could challenge the kids in their commitment.
We proceeded to the second phase of the teaching where we shared the basics of children’s ministry including object lessons, illusions and story telling. There was a time for discussion and questions and answers. But no teaching is complete without the third phase of the training, which included the practical application of what had been taught earlier. The participants were divided into groups of four to have some hands experience.¬† Amazingly, everybody worked well together. Although some were hesitant, everyone took part and participated in the activities.
Following the formal training the group took part in visitation. Everybody participated and went house to house or in the street to invite children to a service the following day at the host church location.

With the support of iRock ministry I was able to be generous to those who came to the Saturday service as God provided the resources to buy popcorn, oil, margarine, etc. to make fresh popcorn for the children. I built a functional popcorn machine similar to the one I built last year during a similar seminar and outreach in Montevista. I trained the people in the church to operate the machine so that they could use it in future services :).

On the day of the service, it was amazing to see the excitement in the children. The service was scheduled to start at three in the afternoon but the kids were there two hours early.

We decided to start at 2:00. There were 72-75 kids in attendance not including the adults. The parents who brought their kids to the church also listened to the word of God and prayed together the sinners prayer.

All of the children were taught how to praise and worship God, how to pray, and the importance of scripture memorization. They had fun with games and winning the coloring contest.  They were very excited and very happy when they went home. (This child cried because for 13 years this is the first time she received a doll of her own)

After service I instructed the pastor to escort the kids back to their homes with the help of his staff. Because it was raining the staff carried umbrellas so that the parents would feel comfortable and know that their children were safe.

I went along with the kids as they returned to home. Although in order for the kids to get to the church they had the challenge of crossing a primitive bridge they were still excited about coming. They needed to cross the bridge that had no handles to hold by balancing their body or else they could end up in the murky water below.

After all of the kids were safely at home, I spent time talking to and encouraging the leaders of the church. There were 8 committed leaders, not including the pastor.

Nene and I traveled home with our equipment and gear, thankful for what God had done that weekend.

Thank you very much for your Prayer and support to iRock Ministry, where ‘individuals ‘Reach ‘Out and ‘Change ‘Kids lives for eternity.

Here are a few ways that you can help establish more churches for the children around the world and train potential leaders:
•    Continue to pray for Pastor Terry Williams with iRock Ministries and myself with iRock Philippines
•    Write us an encouraging letter
•    Provide us with the needed financial support to continue our ministry

Currently you can contact me or donate to the ministry through Pastor Terry Williams

Terry Williams, Children’s Missionary Candidate
4015 Forrest School Rd
Smithsburg, MD 21783

Office 301-416-0568 (Weekdays)
Cell 301-992-5394 (Weekends)

Visit our website:


For His Kingdom,

Our church in the Philippines

I just recently received a letter from our church plant in the Philippines. Reaching children has transcended the United States and I am asking that you pray for this ministry as Pastor Oning and his team continue to reach children in their backyard. If you would like to financially help this ministry you can make your donations by clicking here and making a note that the donation is for iRock Philippines. Here is the update that I received.

Dear Friends,
Last Saturday, God sent us more than 80 kids. It was a great opportunity to serve these kids in Christ. Many do not have Jesus in their heart. They are eager to listen to the word of God. As we gave the message we delivered it with a different approach. We had drama and a story time. We did an object lesson and our attendance kept growing. Some kids don’t like to come because of our meeting place. The place is so small that it has a 30 person capacity but we try to fit in all 88 kids.

We provide something for them to eat each time we meet but before we eat, we teach them how to pray for the food. We teach them that every time we partake of the food we should pray for it by reaching out our hands.

They enjoy the food as part of the iRock ministry program. We’re not just feeding them with the Word of God but we help also to nourish their body.

Every Sunday , we have a leaders meeting. All the possible and potential kid leaders must undergo  training and must grow in advance of teaching the other children.  We gathered in a very small kitchen of Fidel and Belen. Last Saturday we had to refuse 5 young teens to join the leadership training because of our situation. The place is very small. But the children are willing dedicate their life to Christ.
After our training for the leaders we served them some food, bread and bihon. Kids are loving it.

After that we teach some interpretative songs to encourage them and discover their talent from God.
We can see the fire burning in their heart because while they are walking they keep on singing, a worship song that are Cebuano and they are so happy when they get home.

The kids are learning in Christ. They now know how to love Jesus and be like Christ in their attitude.

We need your prayer and these are our prayer requests.

1. A new and bigger place to accommodate more kids
2. Music instrument( guitar and etc.)
3. Bibles
4. Financial needs for upcoming seminar ( October 24, 2008)
5. Transportation

Even though the children are small they can make a big difference in the future, in this country and the Kingdom of God.

God bless

iRock Philippines – Sound System

Are you unfamiliar with “iRock – Philippines“? Formerly referred to as “Hope for the Children”, iRock Philippines is a ministry partnership that I have with Pastor Ronilo (Oning) Diayon in Davao City. We began this partnership in the fall of 2006 after visiting with a ministry team of children’s pastors. Since then Pastor Oning has gathered together a small group of kids to teach and share about Jesus.

My question to you is, “When does a small group cease to be referred to as a small group and become a church plant? ” Here’s why I ask. In February, Pastor Oning launched a small group with 15 kids from the neighboring province of YCF Agdao. Oning along with his ministry team, Fidel, Belen and Nene, meet every Saturday teaching the kids about Jesus through drama, object lessons, illusions, games and Bible teaching. Today their attendance has reached 75. God is moving in their “small group” and kids are coming to know Jesus personally.

As they pray for God’s guidance and direction to reach the children of their city they realize that they need a larger facility to meet, additional supplies and equipment as they minister to more and more children. iRock Ministries has been able to help by purchasing a sound system and Bibles. Before the equipment was even used, Pastor Oning had the group pray and dedicate its use to the Lord. Wonderful things are happening in our church plant in the Philippines. A larger facility is still their greatest need. Join us in prayer as we ask God to provide such a facility and the necessary funds to continue reaching the children in YCF Agdao Philippines.

To see more photos of Pastor Oning’s “small group” and the dedication of the sound system simply click here. You’ll be taken to Pastor Oning’s Facebook page and his photo album.

Bibles distributed in Philippines

It was a hot tropical day in the Philippines as Pastor Ruel, his wife Belen and Pastor Oning made their way to a small church where they conduct a small group for children every Saturday. As they prepared for the kids to arrive they excitedly unpacked the 19 Bibles that had been purchased by iRock Ministries. donated BiblesIn just a little while the Bibles were going to be lovingly given to each of the kids. Kids that otherwise would never to be able to purchase their own Bible. For several weeks, Pastor Ruel and Pastor Oning had been teaching the kids the 66 books of the Bible as an introduction to God’s Holy Word. Without paper, handouts or a Bible to reference, the kids would go home with just what they had heard hoping to commit it to memory. As an added incentive the first child to learn the 66 books in order would win a 64 piece art set for their very own. What a wonderful prize for committing the books of the Bible to memory. Having a Bible of their own would make that goal more attainable for all the kids.

receives BibleAs the kids arrived and found their seats, they excitedly looked around hoping to get a glimpse of what had been planned for them that day. As the service got into full swing and the kids took part in the activities, the time had come to present each of the kids with a Bible. What excitement ensued. As they received their very own Bible you could see the joy in their faces. They were not only receiving a book that was in their language, but they were receiving the very Words of God. Words that would change their lives forever. iRock Ministries is humbled to be able to change kids lives in the Philippines through a partnership with Pastor Oning. This is certainly an extension of what God is doing through the ministry to reach the lost here in the United States as well as around the world.

reading Bible“Hope for the Children” was conceived by Pastor Oning Diayon. Pastor Oning is a recognized Assemblies of God pastor and has been ministering to children for several years with a missionary in the Philippines. Economically, Pastor Oning is unable to minister full-time although God has a strong anointing on his life. He dreams about someday opening a school/home for at risk children. By supporting iRock Ministries you can help Pastor Oning see that dream come true. Visit the ‘iRock Philippines’ tab to learn more about Pastor Oning and his ministry.

Melting Two Teams Together

Today was a great day. We left this morning for our first assembly. We were presenting Character Connex to 4th, 5th and 6th grades. There were about 500 kids. Our Philippine team that we’ve been working with and training has been taking more and more responsibility over the assembly so we are able to watch and see how the kids respond to people from their own country. Here is a picture of the group of people we’re training. There names are Christine, Delio, Rhodel, Booboy and Oning.

They each have a task to learn and to do during setup, presentation and tear down of the assembly. We are so proud of how well they are doing. They are so excited about what they are learning and that they will continue to present in schools after we leave. The kids are enjoying participating in the games and the drama and we know they are learning because we hear them repeating what they were taught as we’re leaving.