Ministry birthed out of tragedy!

On September 25, 2011 a group of five went back to their community struck by a flood almost three months ago. 33 people lost their lives as a result of that tragic event. Many others lost all of their belongings including Oning and Nene. Immediately following the flood Oning and Nene moved to another location to avoid any future disaster. They have tried to sell or rent what was left of their home but to no avail.

Although many lost their belongings, the souls of many had been given another chance. Oning and Nene saw this as an opportunity to expand the kindgom of God and a new ministry location was birthed.

September 25, 2011 at 2:00 pm a ministry started on the same property where Oning and Nene lost everything. In partnership with iRock ministres USA and by the power of Jesus the ministry was launched.

The kids were very excited to attend the service. Even though the scheduled time was 2:00 pm, they kept coming early and checking if it was 2:00 pm yet. That was so cute and quite funny since they had their own clocks to tell them what time it was but they were just so anxious to be part of what had been planned especially for them.

Kids starting coming and filling the small area. There were no chairs and the kids sat on the floor, under the shelves and anywhere they could find a place. Even when all available space had been occupied they kept coming until they were overflowing (Glory to Jesus) and had to stand outside.

It was hot and humid in that small space but the kids didn’t complain. Oning started a small electric fan but it did little to counteract the heat and the sweat.

Not even the heat and humidity could stop the kids from worshipping Jesus as they sang song of praise to Jesus.

They were taught a scripture verse, John 8:12. “Jesus said I am the Light of the world, whoever follow me will never walk in darkness but will have the “Light of life”. Through object lessons, memory work and stories, 61 children and one adult came to realize how their heart was darkened by sin and accepted Jesus as their Light of life. We give glory to God for working in hearts that day.

It seems that no service is complete until there is food so true to tradition each child was served popcorn, orange juice and a small bread roll. As they gave thanks it was so meaningful because that might have been the only food they received that day.

As followers of Jesus, let us continue to pray that the Light  planted in their heart will shine to other people and that they will become a torch bringer, the bringer of testimony that Jesus is the Light of their life.

NOTE: Pastor Oning and Nene are a young couple that iRock Ministries has helped throughout the years as they follow God’s direction for their life. They are an extension of iRock Ministries here in the United States and refer to their ministry as iRock Philippines. As the missionary behind iRock Ministries, I am committed to building a team and helping them see their dream of a ministry center in the Philippines fulfilled. If you would like to know more about this center, as the dream becomes a reality, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. Through our updates you will be given opportunity to partner with us through your prayers and finances. Keep this project in prayer as we seek God for His Holy and divine direction.

Melting Two Teams Together

Today was a great day. We left this morning for our first assembly. We were presenting Character Connex to 4th, 5th and 6th grades. There were about 500 kids. Our Philippine team that we’ve been working with and training has been taking more and more responsibility over the assembly so we are able to watch and see how the kids respond to people from their own country. Here is a picture of the group of people we’re training. There names are Christine, Delio, Rhodel, Booboy and Oning.

They each have a task to learn and to do during setup, presentation and tear down of the assembly. We are so proud of how well they are doing. They are so excited about what they are learning and that they will continue to present in schools after we leave. The kids are enjoying participating in the games and the drama and we know they are learning because we hear them repeating what they were taught as we’re leaving.