Camp Wannahockalugie

Wondering where the name came from? Mount Wannahockaloogie is the mystical monument inside the dentist’s office fish tank in Finding Nemo (2003) on which Nemo is initiated into the dentist’s fish tank.
“Nemo, newcomer of orange and white, you have been called forth to the top of Mt. Wannahockaloogie to join in the fraternal bonds of… tankhood.”

Spelled slightly different, Camp Wannahockalugie, won’t be taking place in a fish tank but rather in the West End of Hagerstown MD, July 7th through 10th.

I’ll be working with LIFE House West and NO LIMITZ youth group to conduct a 4 day long camp for the community kids. Arriving at 9:00 am and departing at 5:00 pm each day the campers will be involved in off-site activities such as swimming, karate, a visit to city park and Wacky Water Day. They will also attend daily sessions such as crafts, music, recreation and Bible study. NO LIMITZ youth team will be leading the sessions, acting as chaperones for each group and helping to serve breakfast and lunch each day.

It is the desire of LIFE House West, the host church, that the community will be ministered to through this camp and that this week would be an extension of Jesus’s amazing love.

Join us in prayer that God will be preparing the hearts of the kids that will be attending that they will be open to the gospel and that their families will be touched by the love and the caring spirits of the people that will be ministering to the kids that week. We are expecting eternal change to take place in the lives of kids during Camp Wannahockalugie.

Keyser City-Wide Outreach


With the help of ‘No Limitz’ youth group from 1st AG in Harrisonburg Virginia, three years of community prayer by local leaders and pastors in Keyser, months of preparation, and hundreds of volunteers the seeds were planted to lead over 25 children in making personal decisions to follow Jesus. What a weekend of rejoicing in Keyser West Virginia as these children’s lives were changed for eternity.


The reward that came from the hours and hours of practice and team preparation were seen in the faces of those children. My reward was being able to help train and prepare this youth group to reap the harvest in Keyser. As a missionary to children in the United States, it’s not as much about how many children I can reach with the gospel but how many people can I empower to share the gospel with children. Only then will we see the multitudes come to know Jesus.


I was so blessed by the youth groups efforts and their desire to minister to the children. They put in long hours with very little free time as they prepared games, illusions, skits and music to share with the children. They remained focused on the task at hand but never lost sight of their goal; to see children give their lives to Jesus.

“Return Unto Me” was the theme of the event and together we stepped out in faith to reach the community of Keyser West Virginia. People representing different denominations and ages had come together to provide the platform for people to come and experience the message of Christ’s love.

Many thanks to Pastor John and Pastor Shawn from Keyser Assembly of God and the many other churches that made our trip so amazing and for providing our housing and food as well as facilities to prepare for the three services. It was a blessing to minister alongside of you.

May Keyser West Virginia continue to become a community committed to Jesus.