Eternal Differences? You Can Help!

Six straight weeks of kids camp, two United States missions trips and 126 souls later I’m humbled how God chose to use me this summer. As I sit down to share what God did in the lives of children over the past four months I continue to think, ‘what more can I do to reach the children that have yet to know Jesus?’ God opened the doors for me to minister to children throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. In the 3,700 miles I traveled, I led 126 children in first time decisions to follow Jesus.
clownsThe summer started in Appalachia where I partnered with Pastor TJ Wolfe from Warwick AG. We trained and prepared a team to go into Oak Hill West Virginia where we did street ministry and then held a three day evangelistic outreach for the children in that area. Over 26 children invited Jesus into their lives that week.
COHNext I headed to Dallas Pennsylvania where I spent a week at Camp Orchard Hill as the guest speaker. Using “Deeply Rooted” as the theme, I challenged the campers to evaluate their personal relationship with Jesus and to grow deeper in their faith. 76 children gave their hearts to Jesus and many others fell deeper in love with Him. When testimonies were shared one girl stood up and said, “Before coming to camp I really didn’t know Jesus and didn’t care but today I want everyone to know that I know Him and want to live for Him forever.” One of the boys stood and shared, “Now I know that Jesus will provide for me and I don‚Äôt need to worry about things.” The most touching was a girl that said, “I’ve learned that I can still have happiness even though my dad just died.” There are children here in the United States that are hurting and need the hope and love that only Jesus gives.
KeyserThe summer was rounded off with five more weeks of kids camp and then I headed to Keyser WV with a team from 1st AG in Harrisonburg VA led by Trevor Whetzel. We had been invited to participate in a city wide outreach and minister to the children. All of our efforts were rewarded with 24 children making decisions to follow Jesus.
There are many more children to be reached. I want to continue to prepare people, train teams and minister to these children but we need your help. We’ve raised 28% of our budget. To remain on the mission field we’re asking you to invest in our ministry through a monthly Faith Promise. We are making an eternal difference in the lives of children, now you can help.
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Keyser City-Wide Outreach


With the help of ‘No Limitz’ youth group from 1st AG in Harrisonburg Virginia, three years of community prayer by local leaders and pastors in Keyser, months of preparation, and hundreds of volunteers the seeds were planted to lead over 25 children in making personal decisions to follow Jesus. What a weekend of rejoicing in Keyser West Virginia as these children’s lives were changed for eternity.


The reward that came from the hours and hours of practice and team preparation were seen in the faces of those children. My reward was being able to help train and prepare this youth group to reap the harvest in Keyser. As a missionary to children in the United States, it’s not as much about how many children I can reach with the gospel but how many people can I empower to share the gospel with children. Only then will we see the multitudes come to know Jesus.


I was so blessed by the youth groups efforts and their desire to minister to the children. They put in long hours with very little free time as they prepared games, illusions, skits and music to share with the children. They remained focused on the task at hand but never lost sight of their goal; to see children give their lives to Jesus.

“Return Unto Me” was the theme of the event and together we stepped out in faith to reach the community of Keyser West Virginia. People representing different denominations and ages had come together to provide the platform for people to come and experience the message of Christ’s love.

Many thanks to Pastor John and Pastor Shawn from Keyser Assembly of God and the many other churches that made our trip so amazing and for providing our housing and food as well as facilities to prepare for the three services. It was a blessing to minister alongside of you.

May Keyser West Virginia continue to become a community committed to Jesus.