iRock Philippines

Matthew 28:19 says that we are go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. I realize that I’m unable to reach ‘all nations’ but I can reach those that God puts in my path. That’s how “iRock Philippines” began. On a missions trip to the Philippines I met a young pastor who shared my passion for reaching the children but he lacked the resources, encouragement and funding needed to step out into ministry. We determined to partner in an effort to reach as many children as possible. Through mentoring, resources and encouragement of their pastor, Ronilo (Oning) Diayon, we have been able to reach more children than I ever imagined. Currently iRock Ministries helps provide financial support through education, the purchase of Bibles and ministry supplies for the children that are reached through “iRock Philippines”. By supporting iRock Ministries you are also reaching children in the area of Davao City, Philippines.

You have to read the story in my blog about the day the kids received their Bibles.

Hope for the Children

iRock Philippines

Our Mission: To reach the children that no one wants and to give them the hope that only Jesus Christ can give.

Description: iRock Philippines is a ministry plant by Ronilo (Oning) Diayon in Davao City, Philippines as a means to reach poor, uneducated abandoned and abused children. He wants to embrace them and show them that there is somebody who cares about them and loves them, Jesus Christ. He believes that God called him to these kinds of children. He can understand them and knows how to deal with them because he experienced the same treatment, discrimination and hardships that these children face every day. Through his experience and with his passion for these children he hopes to one day build a home and school for these children, where they have a place to live, food to eat, an education and most importantly to hear and learn about Jesus.


  1. To reach the lost children of the Philippines
  2. To provide a better life for unwanted children
  3. To train others to reach the children
  4. Encourage other pastors to minister to children